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What Is URL Filtering?


What Is URL Filtering?

URL filtering is a powerful method for reducing the risk of malware, phishing sites, and other web traffic. It can automatically categorize incoming traffic and match it with a policy. URL filtering also enables you to block web traffic from specific categories. For example, you can block malicious sites while still allowing legitimate ones.

A good URL filtering solution has a web-based management portal, so you can monitor and manage web traffic in real time. You can also order reports on historical web activity. In addition, cloud-based solutions don't require any downloads or installations. This makes them ideal for MSPs. Besides, they come with full technical support and assistance.

URL filtering works by comparing the URL in the URL request with entries in the URL database. When the two match, the device will take the appropriate action. For example, if the URL is a phishing URL, the device will block the site. If the URL matches a legitimate site, the device will redirect the user to the page that they're seeking.

URL filtering works in a similar manner to a firewall. It uses a service-URL daemon to maintain a URL filtering profile. The services-URL daemon receives traffic and filters it based on a specified set of criteria. In addition, it can also use custom URL List Applications to create exceptions from the rules.

URL filtering can prevent malware from infecting your organization's network. The security vendor maintains a database that categorizes and filters malicious URLs. This database is highly customizable and can be configured to meet the specific needs of the customer. The result is a more secure organization. It is essential for any organization to protect itself from cyber-attacks.

When implemented properly, URL filtering can improve the productivity of employees and protect the organization. Employees spend far too much time on non-work-related websites which can expose the organization to malicious content. The solution can also reduce the network load. Small businesses often struggle with bandwidth issues. Video streaming and gaming apps can derail productivity and efficiency while straining the network.

There are two main types of URL filtering systems: cloud-based and local. Cloud-based solutions have less latency and support more URLs. Moreover, local solutions store recently-accessed URLs in a cache on the device and query cloud-based URL databases to filter missing ones. Hybrid solutions can also adapt to different traffic patterns and maintain a catalog of known sites.

Advanced URL Filtering protects your network from web-based threats by leveraging machine language. It can identify URLs based on categories, users, or groups and then prevent them from accessing them. It can also enforce security policies in real time using a cloud-based database. It also helps protect your network from malware and phishing attacks.

URL filtering is a more granular form of web filtering than DNS filtering. While DNS filtering uses DNS queries to block entire online domains, URL filtering allows businesses to block web pages or stored files, while allowing legitimate pages to be accessed.

The Benefits of GetUrl

Once you understand the basics of what URL filtering actually is, you are aware that the efficacy of this security feature is dependent on the various types of information. This is the reason you should organize your links. In case you're using GetUrl to make custom-designed and shortened links, it is essential to sort them out and arrange the links. Fortunately, GetUrl users can easily make custom filters that will assist in keeping their order with their links. Our filtering system allows you to categorize links according to teams, organizational structure, or individual.

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What is URL Shortening?


What is URL Shortening?

URL shortening is a technique used on the World Wide Web that helps make Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) shorter, yet still direct the visitor to the desired page. The technique involves creating a redirect, or link, to the long URL that links to the shortened version of the URL.

Using a shortened URL can also make links more memorable. Long URLs can be difficult to copy and paste into email messages. This is especially true on mobile devices, where text fields are typically much smaller than on desktops. Short URLs allow for more flexibility when choosing which characters to include, and are easier to read and type.

URL shortening services such as GetUrl can also help you measure your online success, as they offer tools for destination A/B testing and retargeting based on custom lists. Using a URL shortening service to simplify your link is a great way to drive traffic and measure your success.

In addition to increasing your website traffic, URL shortening can also increase your brand's brand awareness, which is a metric that businesses should be concerned about. For example, if you run an ad campaign on Facebook and you want to drive more traffic to your website, a shortened URL will increase your brand awareness.

Although URL shortening is useful for marketing, some services are not safe for your online privacy. Some have been known to trick people into giving their personal information by directing them to a malicious site. You should check for these sites before using them. You never want to share sensitive information with strangers. Moreover, you can lose your URL shortening service if it is discontinued.

One popular option for URL shortening is GetUrl. It offers free and paid plans. The free account is limited to only 100 shortened URLs a month and is less useful for small businesses. However, the paid plan allows you to customize the back half of 50 shortened URLs. To get the most out of this service, you should sign up for a paid plan.

URL shortener services track the performance of your links and can provide you with analytical data. This helps you understand the effectiveness of your links and measure audience engagement. Moreover, it uses less characters, which is an advantage when sharing links. As a result, your links are more likely to be shared. This means that your content will receive more organic exposure on social networks.

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English Stories - A Great Way to Practice Reading and Vocabulary in English


English Stories - A Great Way to Practice Reading and Vocabulary in English

The English Stories app is a great way to practice reading and listening in English. It features a wide variety of stories in a variety of styles. It also includes a word translation feature that helps you understand what you're reading without a dictionary. It includes an array of topics, from funny stories to motivational ones. You can download the free version or upgrade to a VIP account to access unlimited stories.

English Stories is a free Android app that contains stories suitable for kids. Its content is carefully created by a Swadhyatana and classified according to the Lexile Graded Reading Evaluation System (LGRES). The app matches the reader's level with the correct level of material to make learning English fun and effective. English Stories has over 4000 engaging articles and more than 40 exciting categories for kids to choose from.

After downloading the app, install it on your computer. Bluestacks comes with the Google play store pre-installed, so all you need to do is double-click on the Playstore icon and search for the English Stories app. After installation, you'll see the English Stories app in your list of installed apps. Once you're ready to go, you can use the English Stories app on your PC or laptop.

The English Stories app is compatible with Android OS and iOS, but it can also be installed on Windows computers. To download the app for PC, you need to download an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks, and a free version of Windows. Both of these can be downloaded from this site. The installation process is simple and quick.

This app is a great option for home education. Its videos and audios are created by native speakers and assessed by leading US language experts. The app is affordable enough for most families and allows for flexible learning. The app will help your child master the language in a fun and effective way. There are also multiple levels, which allows you to select the level that's right for you.

The Short Bedtime English Stories app offers more than two thousand stories in 12 categories. These stories range from bedtime stories to life lessons. You can learn the English language through these stories while improving your reading skills. You'll also enjoy the stories that are based on folklore and fairy tales. If you're interested in improving your reading skills and English language skills, you'll definitely want to check out English Stories app.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Read English Stories

 There are many benefits to learning English through stories. While the writing style may resemble grammar exercises, it is usually more creative, and the writers spend more time contemplating the meaning of words. If you are looking for an enjoyable way to learn the language, stories are the ideal way to do so. You can try any of the books mentioned above or you can also look for recommendations from your friends or family. But what makes English stories unique? Here are three reasons why you should read them.

- The expression "slow and steady wins the race" comes from the story of the slow tortoise and the fast hare. In this tale, the tortoise challenges the hare to a race. Although the hare laughs at the idea, the tortoise manages to win. This classic story has many lessons to teach people: that natural talent does not necessarily mean success; if you have a desire to succeed, you need to work hard to make it.

- A classic fight between life and death is always a popular plot line. In these stories, nature is often portrayed as a powerful force, and both the man and the dog are foolish to underestimate the power of such forces. Nevertheless, the dog is the smarter one, and in this story, the man makes silly mistakes and takes nature forces lightly. The reader wonders how intelligent the man is compared to the dog, especially in a situation of danger.

- The "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell was first published in 1924. The story, also known as "The Hounds of Zaroff", is now adapted for television by the television series Dollhouse. In the episode, Richard Connell hunts Echo with a bow. He also makes use of satire in his stories. There are many other stories about animals. In fact, you can find a short story of any kind on the internet!

- "Girl" is another example of a short story. The story revolves around how girls are taught to lead a confined life since childhood. The mother of the "Girl" instructs her daughter to keep her houseclean and to avoid talking to men or boys. The mother also hints that a girl needs to be attractive to men or bakers in order to lead a successful life. In other words, "Girl" talks about how girls have been conditioned to stay in the house.

English stories, on the other hand, are often less detailed and have a much more simple structure than novels. They are closely related to oral storytelling traditions. Because they are short, they can be crafted in a short amount of time, developing the plot and presenting conclusions with little or no description. Short stories often consist of only ten or so words and are often released together as a single book. Some short stories are also very short and are written in the form of prose anecdotes.

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The Best English Stories For Children

 The classic fight between life and death has always fascinated readers. Although nature is usually seen as a powerful force, the man in the story makes silly mistakes and takes these forces lightly. Meanwhile, the dog is sensible and smart, despite the danger he is faced with. The reader wonders who is smarter, the man or the dog. Fortunately, Sly the chimpanzee is smarter than the other chimps, and he is content to spend his days playing with clay.

One story focuses on a child whose father is in prison for not paying a debt. This story demonstrates the unfairness of society and the ineffectiveness of the law. It also highlights the bonds between family members, especially mothers. In addition to being a good read, Little Dorrit also teaches valuable lessons about relationships and the importance of embracing the differences of others. Hence, it is a good choice for children of all ages, regardless of background.

English stories are a great source of practice for children. They are an excellent way for children to practice their skills while they are listening to English stories. Several short stories are available online in video format and subtitled versions, which can be downloaded and read by adults. These videos are also a great resource for practicing pronunciation. This way, you'll be able to improve your pronunciation while you're learning the language. Aside from reading English stories, they can help students practice speaking and listening.

Short stories date back to ancient oral storytelling traditions. Epic tales, such as the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Iliad, were written by oral storytellers. Other short stories include G.K. Chesterton, Agatha Christie, and Dorothy L. Sayers. They are all popular genres in English today. These stories often contain rhyming verse and help learners remember the events in the stories.

When buying children's books, make sure they are well-designed. Look for english storieswith attractive illustrations and appealing layouts. Choose books with language levels that correspond to children's skills and interests. In particular, select books with accessible vocabulary and grammar. Also, make sure that they support school work and test preparation. All these factors are considered in the writing of EFL publications. The goal is to make learning fun and effective. The following are some ideas that will help you choose a great children's book for your child.

In this classic fable, a hare challenges a tortoise to race. The hare laughs at the idea but the tortoise wins the race. As a result, this story teaches that natural talent does not necessarily lead to success. It also warns us against overconfidence. Even if our parents are good at something, we should still work hard at it to get there. It can make or break a child's life.

The stork in this story also helps us to understand how we should treat the stork in our own lives. A young boy lived in a village with his father. He often sold newspapers to support the family, but one day he was feeling very weak and needed some food. When he was at the door of a woman, he asked her to bring him a glass of milk. She refused to accept the payment and instead brought him the drink.

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Read English Stories to Improve Your Language Skills

 You can read english stories to improve your language skills in less time than you think. Not only are these stories entertaining, they also teach you new vocabulary, grammar structures, and word usage. It is a great way to study without the stress of lengthy textbooks. In addition to stories, you can listen to podcasts of these stories. Regardless of your learning style, you're bound to find a book you enjoy. Here are some suggestions.

Read stories that use new words regularly. Reading new words in context allows you to process them more easily. You'll often work out the meaning of a new word without even looking it up! You'll also develop a sense of curiosity about the language. By reading english stories daily, you'll have a better understanding of what people are saying and how they use language. You can improve your grammar, too. And you can start with stories as your first language.

Another popular story teaches a valuable lesson about lying. In the story, a princess accidentally drops a golden ball in a spring. In order to retrieve the ball, she promises the frog to be her companion, but then changes her mind. Unfortunately, the king forces her to keep her promise. Later, the frog turns out to be a handsome prince under a curse. Throughout the story, readers will be able to identify the meanings of words in English.

Another classic book written by Ernest Hemingway is the Old Man and the Sea. This classic story, with illustrations by Quentin Blake, has an epic battle at its heart. While the story may be short, it explores themes of survival, challenge, and personal triumph. Those who study English as a second language will appreciate the author's clean, direct style. Hemingway's novels are also well-suited for students who want to practice their grammar skills.

Asha lived in a village with her parents. One day, her father assigned her a simple task to do. He filled three vessels with water and put an egg and a potato in one of them. He also put tea leaves in the third vessel. Asha kept watch over the three vessels for ten to fifteen minutes and strained them afterward. Then, the mother was satisfied with the result. The story continues with a moral lesson.

A fox once bit a stork. The stork grinned and said, "Be joyful," but he didn't show it. Instead, he invited the fox for supper. During supper, the stork sipped soup from tall, thin vases while the fox was unable to drink from them. The fox finally realized his mistake, and he was thrown into jail.

A boy once lived in a village. His father asked him to look after his sheep in the fields. The boy was unhappy with the idea and wanted to play. Instead of doing that, he cried out, "wolf!" to attract attention. Soon, the village got together and chased away the wolf. This lesson taught him that unity is strength. If you want to learn more about the power of words, try reading some English stories.

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English Stories For Children


English Stories For Children

Whether you're learning a new language or brushing up on your existing one, reading english stories app can help. Stories are a great way to get your brain working, as they engage readers emotionally and help them internalize language. They're also a great way to practice writing. Short stories are a much easier read for beginners than a novel, and they'll keep readers' attention even if they're not yet fluent English speakers.

Short stories are a great way to help you learn a new language. The books are often illustrated and easy to follow. The stories are also fun to read aloud. The illustrations are beautiful and provide a natural opportunity to practice new vocabulary. You can even get supplemental teaching materials for each story. There are many advantages to reading short stories in English. Not only will you improve your understanding of the language, but you'll be able to practice a new language without too much effort.

As an added bonus, you'll find downloadable transcripts to accompany each story. You can listen to each story several times, review the plot and vocabulary, and practice speaking the language. The activities are engaging, and can help you build your English vocabulary. Adding an extra challenge to your lesson by integrating short stories into your lessons will give you a real edge over your competitors. These materials will help you improve your vocabulary and make your students more confident in the language.

In addition to being fun, English short stories are also an excellent way to help you learn new vocabulary. You can use them for supplementary teaching purposes. They can help you improve your reading skills and make your students feel more comfortable with the language. Moreover, they can help you learn the language in a natural way. These stories are also a great way to help your students develop their fluency in English. You can even download audio versions of these stories to your computer.

If you're looking for short English stories to help your child learn the language, you'll find a number of resources on the Internet that can help you. Some of these materials are free, while others can be purchased. Regardless of what you're looking for, you'll be able to find English stories for children that will teach you more about the language and its cultures. Aside from being entertaining, these books can also help your child develop English-reading skills.

The best English stories for kids can help your child learn new words and vocabulary. There are short stories that teach the language through conversation and real-life examples. These stories can also help children learn how to read in English while being entertained. These stories can help your child learn the language naturally, which can help improve your overall reading skills. And, they can help you learn a variety of words and phrases. For example, a story may contain more than one word.

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How to Choose the Best English Story for Kids

 Choosing the right English story for your child is very important. A story engages the reader emotionally and helps them learn the language. The language structure and vocabulary used in a story also helps the child internalize the language. A book that contains a series of short stories is better for young children than a novel, and these books will hook your child as they get used to the format. Here are some tips for choosing the best English Stories for kids.

The Short Bedtime English Stories is an assured collection of short stories that will delight children and parents alike. Flood's writing style is a fine combination of technical skill and emotional depth, resulting in an enjoyable read for readers of all ages. This is a great choice for families that want to engage with their children's reading and learning of English. While the language is not easy to understand, the book is entertaining and will keep kids' attention.

How to Choose the Best English Story for Kids

english stories

Choosing the right English story for your child is very important. A story engages the reader emotionally and helps them learn the language. The language structure and vocabulary used in a story also helps the child internalize the language. A book that contains a series of short stories is better for young children than a novel, and these books will hook your child as they get used to the format. Here are some tips for choosing the best English story for kids.

The Short Bedtime English Stories is an assured collection of short stories that will delight children and parents alike. Our writing style is a fine combination of technical skill and emotional depth, resulting in an enjoyable read for readers of all ages. This is a great choice for families that want to engage with their children's reading and learning of English. While the language is not easy to understand, the book is entertaining and will keep kids' attention.

A collection of short stories spanning one year is a wonderful way to help children develop their language skills. The Short Bedtime English Stories has a variety of settings, including the wartime aftermath and the British Empire's fall. With a variety of perspectives, readers will get a real sense of the English lifestyle and history. The stories also give readers an inside look at how the people living there live. If you're looking for a literary gift for children, consider The First English Stories by Cynthia Flood.

A great collection of short stories is a must-read for all aspiring language teachers. There are a variety of resources available to supplement lessons. Short stories can be quick, engaging, and useful in learning English. Whether you're teaching a child, or simply want to brush up on your own language skills, this is a great choice for young learners. By using short stories to develop language skills, students will be more likely to stay engaged in lessons.

The Short Bedtime English Stories is a collection of linked short stories about a young Canadian girl's experiences living in England in the 1950s. The book is a compilation of her adventures as a child and a mother in the 1950s. The book includes a variety of perspectives from many characters in the suite. The reader will get a real sense of English life as it was in the country at that time. Its themes and emotions are well-developed and make it an excellent choice for English literature enthusiasts.

The English Stories are an excellent choice for language learners. They are easy to read, quick to learn, and a great way to engage students with English. Aside from the story's characters, you'll enjoy the author's style and the book's content. There are a number of other books you may find interesting as well. Regardless of what genre you're into, you'll find an English story to enjoy.

This app contains various stories categories like Mythological Stories, Moral Stories, Tenali Ramakrishna Stories, Akbar Birbal Stories, Short Stories, The Arabian Nights, Inspirational Stories, Bedtime Stories, Motivational stories, Educational Stories, Life Stories, Animal Stories, Friendship Stories Panchatantra Stories, Krishna Stories and Other English Stories.
Features of Short Bedtime English Stories
• More than 500 of the most popular English Stories.
• Bookmark your favorite Short Bedtime English Stories.
• Fast and responsive user interface with search capabilities
• Learn English with this Short Stories.
• Best Inspirational Stories and Bedtime Stories in English
• Share feature to easily send your favorite Stories to your friends.
Download the Short Bedtime English Stories for free

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Brainy Benefits Of Reading Bedtime Stories For Kids


Brainy Benefits Of Reading Bedtime Stories For Kids

Bedtime is very important for inculcating moral values in kids and what better way to do it than bedtime stories for kids! Bedtime Stories help in creating a bond between the parents and their little ones. Reading to your child regularly lifts up his creative side from a very early age.
But, in today’s world, kids are known to seek less attention towards reading and writing. That is so because the children are getting dominated by televisions, laptops, mobile phones, etc. Before the gadgets attack, start with the storytelling! Also, read english stories from app.

When To Get Started With Bedtime Stories For Kids?

It is never too early to incorporate reading habits among your child. Introduce your child to the world of stories right from the beginning when you are pregnant. By reading aloud, the baby recognizes her mother’s voice in the womb as well. The doctors suggest that if you start reading from the very beginning, it will help the kid in boosting his imagination and memory.

As you start to develop the habit of storytelling, the child will start to understand by himself that it is sleeping time. Set a proper nighttime routine and tell your child a story before going to bed.

Make the bedtimes and nap times his best times! Also, read moral stories from app.

Importance of Bedtime Stories For Kids

Bedtime Stories for kids or Storytelling can contribute to the child’s overall development! Yes, you read it right! By telling stories to the little ones, you are opening the doors of creativity and imagination to your child through which he would learn emotions, moral values, and many more. Stories can help in faster learning and a high command of the language.

Reading to your child also helps in strengthening the special bond between the parents and the child. In this world which is full of hustle and bustle, you will get some quality time to spend together and create special memories together. Also, read english stories from app

What Types Of Bedtime Stories You Should Read To Your Children?

It is important to know that children can get easily influenced by the stories you tell them. So, choose your collection of stories wisely. Help your child in understanding that there are no witches and genies. The children would sleep thinking about a witch or a bad fairy. Let them know that all of these are just stories. Remember the following guidelines while selecting a story!

1.Stories should not be thought-provoking: If the story consists of lots and lots of excitement, it will make the little ones active. It will be difficult to make him sleep in such a condition. Over excitement lays off all the creativity and imagination within the story.

2. Stories should add moral values: Reading moral stories to your child is the best way to cultivate good moral values about life such as cleanliness, friendship, honesty, respect, animal love, and many more.

3. Always end the story on a happy note: Always remember to make the ending happy so that your baby goes to the dreamland with all the happiness around her. Don’t let the negativity come near her.

4. Make your baby the star of the story: Dive your baby into the magical world of fairies, heroic adventures, and make him the star of the story. Make him the Prince from the story to boost his imagination power.

Have a great time and enjoy the Bedtime Stories with your child! Start this exercise from the very first day as it can help in improving the academics of your child. Make it a routine so that they inherit the same thing later in their lives. check out our app Short Bedtime English Stories

The Importance of Storytelling and Story Creation

 Stories come in different forms and mediums.

Stories come in a variety of forms: poetry, song, movement, pictures, plays and even Dad Jokes. The creators of the stories use various mediums such as braille, sign language, movies, and dance to share the stories with others. 

Some english stories are dynamic, we hear them or experience them and then they are gone. Stories become static when we write them down or record them in some way so we can revisit them over-and-over again. 

Children who are visually impaired or Deafblind, may experience a story by tactually exploring items collected on a walk or playing with the materials used to take a bath if these are placed in an experience box or bag. Another child with low vision may enjoy simple picture books with limited print. Audio and braille are other mediums that may be used to share a story with others. 

The form or the medium are not as important as the story itself or the creation of the story.

Stories help us cope.

We make sense of our life experiences in part by the stories we learn or tell ourselves. Imagine a story the young child might create and revisit. 

“It is dark and stormy. I am frightened. I think I see a monster in my closet. Will it hurt me? If I cry out loud Dad or Mom will come save me.”

At the time the child tells himself the story he doesn’t know if it is fiction or nonfiction. He is just building a story based on his experience of what happens when he cries out at night. But the power of that story may help to calm him and take action to meet his own needs. This can be true of many stories we read or hear.

Even stories that might frighten us a bit, help us to cope because the outcome for the protagonist or hero ultimately turns out well.  So, when we face challenges in our own lives we may have a certain belief that everything will be alright eventually if we take action.

Stories help us remember and imagine.

Humans are constantly creating stories. We make up stories in our heads about how our day will go before we head for the office. We tell ourselves stories about the amazing places we will see and exciting things we will do as we plan our vacations. We tell ourselves stories about how people treat us and how we treat them. We are our stories.

Many people may not agree that this is storytelling, but it is where many of us begin to learn the power our own memory and imagination. Stories told within a family or in a culture become even more powerful as they are shared year after year. They become part of who we are, what we believe, and how we see our future. 

When we preserve stories in some static form like a book or a recording or a movie, people from different times and places can share that story. Many of these stories guide whole populations in learning how to live their lives (e.g., religious and spiritual texts, the Constitution).

Stories engage our attention.

When we find ourselves sitting in an airport or waiting to see the dentist, reading a magazine or book engages our attention and helps to make time pass more easily. For many of us, there is no better form of escape than to stick our noses in a book and vanish into the story. With the advent of audiobooks and podcasts, many of us listen to stories as we jog or walk or ride in a car or airplane. For many of us, reading or listening to stories is our favorite form of recreation.

We need English stories

Stories serve so many purposes in our lives. Stories are about so much more than just reading or listening. They are instrumental in cognitive, social and emotional development. 

Literacy begins with stories others tell us or we tell ourselves. Co-creating stories with an adult or peers helps our children and students begin to create stories they can share with others.

Short Bedtime English Stories is a free app that gathers a lot of free english stories collection, and the interface design is simple. After opening, you can select the storybook you want to read, quickly scan at least more than 30 categories, and there are short stories (Short Stories) , Animal Stories, Classic Stories, Bedtime Stories, Kid Stories, and English Stories. It is freely available in google play store .. Happy reading

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why stories are important for kids

 why stories are important for kids

We learned that humanity has understood the developmental benefits of storytelling since the beginning of written history. But what about the benefits for parents and parenting in general?  Those bedtime stories for kids aren’t just for kids! In addition to teaching kids reading comprehension and language skills, children’s stories can bring families closer together and ease some burdens for the parents themselves. Child learn many different ways and storytelling can be a great way to not only help children learn language and literacy, but learn about–and express–the world around them.

1. Context for Real-Life Lessons

Let’s say you just caught your child lying — a teachable moment to be sure. You can explain to them that it’s wrong, even explain why it’s wrong, but that doesn’t guarantee they understand. To help comprehension, you could tell them the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, for example — this story graphically demonstrates the consequences of lying, through the lens of a young character your child can closely identify with. 

Stories help secure these lessons in the child’s mind, with relevant context and more memorable “anchors.” They are the perfect companion or complement to real-life lessons, adding a new angle to help children develop a fuller understanding of the issue. As adults, we do this as well — think of how many times a novel, film, or song has impacted your life. 

2. Family Stories Strengthen Familial Identity

Each family has their own culture, and it’s not always passed down automatically. Telling your children stories about your own life, your own childhood, or other family members helps build an internal identity around your family — they learn both what it means to be part of this family, and develop a sense of what makes their family different from others. 

Moreover, you can carry on story-telling traditions your own parents used for you. Activities like reading english stories aloud to children with funny voices, or listening to them as they read to you, are family activities and contribute as much to family culture as they do to kids reading comprehension. 

3. Pass on Specific Values

There’s no shortage of stories for kids. Whatever popular value you can think of, it’s likely the subject of a story book for kids. That lets you selectively use stories to help your child’s development, based on their specific needs. For example, if your child has anger or tantrum issues, they may feel a connection to Where the Wild Things Are. If your tween is having trouble with puberty, a Judy Blume novel might make them feel better. 

This can also further establish familial identity as well. Reading your own favorite childhood book to your kid may have the same effect on them as it did on you. 

Why Stories Matter and How to Use Them to Make a Difference

Stories are powerful – and innately human. They help us understand one another, provide windows into different cultures and time periods, and increase our capacity for empathy. Because they hold great power, the stories kids hear make a difference in how they perceive the world. Sharing stories – from books, podcasts, our even our own histories – can influence culture and gender roles, teach new perspectives, provide insight, and allow children to better understand themselves and others. Not surprisingly, studies show that stories can also increase children’s prosocial behaviors. Here are some ways to amplify the power of storytelling within your family.

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. 

If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” 

/Albert Einstein/

What makes storytelling so effective for learning?

Stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children. It boosts speaking and listening skills. Stories help your children to develop their language skills and thinking and this is an inseparable part of the learning process, communication and social interactions. 

Children absorb many words which they would use throughout the first years of their lives! Whether you tell stories or read them from books, stories are one of the ways children learn to enjoy reading. English Stories can help to learn about concepts such as shape, size, colors and numbers. Helps to teach everyday tasks, values, complex ideas such as the importance of sharing, compassion for others. Story telling is fun, interactive and makes it so effective also because it works for all types of learners. It helps to improve confidence level now, in school and grown- up life!